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"A picture paints a thousand words", but words can paint a thousand pictures, too. Explore Africa through journal excerpts, articles, and travel stories to compliment the image galleries. Every story has images, and every image has a story. Please refer to the Regional Destination List at right, and contact us to view more images or stories.

Madikwe is for the Dogs

Wild Dogs, that is. Also known as African Hunting Dogs or Painted Dogs, these are elusive and beautiful canines, and are number one on my personal “Big Five” list for African wildlife photography.

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The Last Town - Isiolo, Kenya

The drive from Mt. Kenya to Samburu is fantastic, I love this part of Kenya, best appreciated from ground level, though most visitors tend to fly over, missing so much of the heart of Kenya. The paved road leads north through Nanyuki, Timau, and on to Isiolo, the “last town”, where the pavement ends. The town is divided down the main road with Muslims on the west and Christians on the east. Although still a full day’s journey away by dirt road, the next frontier beyond town is the border to Ethiopia. Throughout the day, Ethiopians and Somalians arrive into Isiolo with truckloads of goods, and camels, to trade.

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Casablanca's Modern Legacy

From the waters, Casablanca unveiled itself one color at a time as the sun rose.

  • First, twinkling golden lights
  • then, brown haze
  • then, gray concrete
  • then, yellowish paint
  • The first green to appear was military.
  • The first orange, on a billboard advertising cellphones.
  • Then, a rose colored minaret pierced the dull air.
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